About Miss Lorelei

I am a lifestyle BDSM player with more than 10 years of experience on both the top and the bottom, although I prefer to be the dominant partner. I continue to hone my craft and expand my repertoire through education and mentorship. My style of play ranges from light-hearted to severe, but is always sensual and intimate. I love touch, and my silky skin may soothe the sting of my sadism. I’m likely to giggle as I inflict pain. Depending on the company, I have been called “the mean one” and “the nice one”. Which side of me will you see? It depends on you – I take pride in both.

I am college educated, a former librarian, and a voracious reader; my favorite genres are speculative fiction, history, and biography. My media tastes are eclectic, ranging from Downton Abbey to Doctor Who, and from Shakespeare to Sondheim. You’ll find me a stimulating and intellectual conversationalist, and I value thoughtfulness and wit in others. Book recommendations are always welcome!

I love travel and exploration. One of my passions is culinary adventure; I have been known to travel to distant cities solely to sample restaurant offerings. I’m a sensualist through and through, and much of my time is spent pursuing sensory pleasures of all kinds.

A few of my favorite things: the color purple, lingerie, corsets, stockings, leather, sky-high heels, massages, lilacs, raspberries, chocolate, champagne, kissing, pin-up girls, baby goats and lambs, the smell of old books, musical theater, impeccable grammar, well-composed emails, flirting.

Gifts are never required, but should you wish to spoil me, I do maintain an Amazon wishlist. Always welcome are milk chocolate, white and sparkling wine (no red, please), books, silver-tone jewelry, lingerie, and shoes. I also love gift cards from Amazon (for nearly anything I can imagine!), Mr S. Leather (my favorite source for toys and leather), Nordstrom (have you admired my shoe collection?) and Dark Garden (my favorite corsetier).

Age: mid-30s

Shoe size: 8.5US/39EU

Bust: 36D

Dress size: 8-10/Large

Hair Color du Jour: Red



Added on March 4, 2018

What an amazing experience. Lorelei is an absolute treat in every sense of the word. a wonderful sense of humor, brilliantly seductive, and a beautiful sight to behold. We ran through all sorts of fun sensations, including some sounding, which we both enjoyed! I highly recommend spending some time with this amazing woman!

Added on December 17, 2016

I met with Miss Lorelei on 12/10/16. We did a Father/Step-daughter role play. Miss Lorelei was really into the role and it was an epic hour. As her new step-daddy, I bought her a new dress and she wanted to show it off and say thank you. Saying thank you involved seducing her new step-daddy. Thank you Miss Lorelei for a great time
Marc Shaw

Added on December 12, 2016

The most sensual and pleasuring experience I've enjoyed. Lorelei really takes the time and patience to understand your desire and fantasies !

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